Chapter One – Sneak Preview


B feel compelled to warn you that this true story of my life is powerful, raw, and uncensored. It does ultimately have an inspirational and happy outcome, but it’s not an easy or comfortable read to get there.

The reason that I was so explicit and honest was that I wanted you to see through my eyes the reality and full extent of the black ugliness and depravity that I reached. I felt you’d need to know these things so that you could understand the enormity of the adversity I had to overcome.

In this autobiography you will see what I have seen, including violence, blood, and death; you will hear my thoughts as they race through my mind; you will see firsthand the drugs, the free love of the 60’s, the prison time, and the perversion; you will experience the fear that I felt; you will live through the dark days and the bright days; you will experience the “flash and the cash” and the unrelenting pressures of life; you will laugh with me and you will cry with me. You will experience firsthand the exhilaration of hard-fought victories, and you will agonize with me during the tragedy and defeats that often overwhelmed me.


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